In 2022 EXAUDI is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading vocal ensembles for new music. But we are a tiny organisation and operate without core funding from either public or private institutions.

Donations from our supporters across the world are vital to EXAUDI as we champion today’s boldest music, strive for performances of the highest quality and take the artistic risks that are fundamental to maintaining our position at the forefront of the international new music scene.

Supporters at all levels become part of our DNA. Please join them – and us – and explore at closer range the exhilarating world of new music. You can either make a one-off or a regular donation, and a annual donation of £30 or more means you will become an EXAUDI Friend.

To become a Friend of EXAUDI, please fill in this form and return to the address at the bottom. Alternatively, please contact for more information.



We are hugely grateful to all of the following EXAUDI Friends in 2021-2:

Vincent Keaveny
Miranda Kendall

William Backhouse
Andrew Fane
Penny Jonas
Alex Scott-Barrett
Mariana Spater
John and Jane Weeks

Aaron Cassidy
Christopher Clark
Anthony and Mary Davis
Ray de Winter
Georgie and David Goddard
Graham Hayter
Liz Herbert
Colin Johnson
Matthew Kaner
Nelica La Gro
Kevin Leeman
Oded Manor
Alysoun Morgan
Bernard Samuels
Laura Sheldon
Chris Shurety
Penny Steer
Dianne Woodham