24 June 2022
Linos Festival, Cologne
Bach: Cantata 106 ‘Actus Tragicus’
Cardew: Ah, Thel
Rishin Singh: Clotho Chant
Annalies van Parys: new work
music by Hildegard, Marenzio, Dowland
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Recent events

10 February 2022
Musicon, Durham Cathedral
Mike Worboys: Presence/Absence

24 April 2022
de Bijloke, Ghent
‘Moord en Madrigalen’
Gesualdo: madrigals
Simone Corti: Oh, piacere doloroso (wp)
Sylvia Lim: burst flood wound

28 April 2022
Capella de Santa Agata, Barcelona
Gesualdo: madrigals
Finnissy: from Gesualdo: Libro Sesto
Bernat Vivancos: Nigra es, pulchra sum

7 May 2022
Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik
Naomi Pinnock: new work (wp)
Chiyoko Szlavnics: Whorl Whirling Wings (wp)
Mikel Urquiza: Howl (wp)

16 May 2022
Milton Court, London
Works by Guildhall Masters composers (wp)
Josh Levine: Cicada June | Geheimlicht (wp)
Sylvia Lim: burst flood wound (UKp)*
Simone Corti: Three Madrigals (wp)

* supported by funding from RVW Trust

22 May 2022
Norfolk and Norwich Festival
‘Gesualdo: Cruel Ecstasy’
Gesualdo: madrigals
Sylvia Lim: burst flood wound
Joanna Ward: new work (wp)

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